Soft Collection Program

Letter System to Patients w/balances less than 90 days old


General Collection Program

Patients w/balances over 91 days


Customized Collection Programs

Combination of the above





Develop a Collection Policy to maximize returns


Insurance Support

Re-Filing and follow up to resolution




Negotiation & Management of Payment Arrangements

Establish patientís ability to pay, set-up payment terms, manage until Paid in Full


Electronic File & Fund Transfer

Paperless process


Automated Skip Tracing

Current address, friends, neighbors, relatives, SS#, place of employment, etc.


Credit Bureau Report

Nationwide reporting


Credit Card and Phone Check Processing

Reduces delinquent debt quickly


Reporting Systems

Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-yearly and Annual Report Cards relating to recovery, trends and progress




In-house Legal Department

TCS will garnish wages, place liens if appropriate and authorized


Partner With Local Legal Council

If Warranted


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