What Differentiates TCS?


Experience.  TCS was founded in 1964.  Our management team has over 90 years of combined experience in debt collection, sales, communication and legal processes.  Our reputation in our industry is second to none.


Team Commitment.  Our employees understand and share our commitment to optimize our client’s revenue and profitability. 


Results-oriented.  TCS’ corporate culture, policies, fair and sound management insures our employees work together to professionally represent our clients and bring out the best in each other.  TCS’ recovery rate is 100% higher than the national average.


Ability to Listen.  We believe communication fosters teamwork and recognize each clients specific needs and the role of TCS as a business partner.


Emphasis on Professionalism.  Our goal is to collect all of your delinquent debt as quickly as possible by following Arizona State and FDCPA (Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, 3/20/78) regulations, as well as company policies and procedures.  We recognize and understand our client’s reputation and integrity in their community is #1


Reporting.   TCS provides accurate and complete reporting on your delinquent accounts:  Progress Report, Client Inventory Report, Client Analysis Report, Client Account Balance Report, Client Statement Transaction Report, to name a few.


We Are a People Business.  We are people talking to people about a business matter. 


Expense Reduction.  Everyone pays the price for uncollected debt through higher prices for goods and services.   TCS will reduce your expenses (time and labor) relating to delinquent debt recovery.


Recovery Fees.    TCS fees are strictly contingent upon recovery.  NO COLLECTION means NO FEE.  The percentage of collection fee is less important than the percentage of return on the total dollars referred for collection. 


Legal Support.  With written approval from our clients TCS will file, represent, obtain Judgments, garnish wages, and file liens on behalf of our client.  No out-of-pocket expense for legal action is charged to the client.  Court costs are recovered from the delinquent tenant.


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